Micro-Vu Multi-Sensor Measuring Systems

Micro-Vu  Multi-Sensor Measuring Systems


For 50 years Micro-Vu Corporation has designed and manufactured a broad line of measuring machines including Automated Vision Systems, Manual Video Systems, and Optical Comparators. These multi-sensor units use video, laser and touch probe inputs to perform high precision 2D and 3D measurements.  Companies around the world purchase Micro-Vu machines for quality assurance and incoming inspection. Customers included leaders in Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Medical Components, Military Hardware, Plastics and Metal Working.  Micro-Vu offers 3 machine models with multiple size capabilities to effectively address applications from bone screw  to engine block applications. Assurance Technologies is a factory authorized Micro-Vu dealer in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri.



 Excel Multisensor Measuring Centers 

Employs a new technology to provide high speed and accuracy on reliable and affordable measurement systems. In addtion to vision capabilities, the Excel offers Touch Probe and Laser measurement capabilities. Touch Probe capabilities improve 3D measurement capabilities. Laser capabilities improve speed for scanning and Z height measurements. With the multisensor capabilities, advanced digital and optical zoom, propreitary edge detection and InSpec metrology software, the Excel Measuring centers can handle demanding measurement applications. The gantry style system multiple Z axis options also accomodates for large parts or fixtures of multiple parts while maintaining a relatively small footprint. Parts up to 800 mm wide and weighing up to 100kg can fit on the stage. 

Excel Image

  •  Zoom Range: 15x - 540x or 30x-1040x (2x config)
  •   3 LED light sources (Profile, Surface Ringlight & Coaxial)
  • "Plug & Play" acessories utilizing a single USB cord
  • Sizing options starting at 20x16x6 (X,Y,Z measuring capacity)


Vertex Multisensor Measuring System

The Vertex 251 and 311 Multisensor Measurement systems implement new technologies to provide speed and accuracy on a reliable and affordable measuring machine. The system includes InSpec Metrology software, a programmable optical zoom, non-linear stage compensation, non-linear optics compensation, advanced LED lighting and active temperature monitoring.


  • Zoom Range: 20x-390x or 15x - 540x
  • 3 LED light sources (Profile, Surface Ringlight & Coaxial)
  • "Plug & Play" acessories utilizing a single USB cord
  • Sizing options of 10x6x6 or 12x12x6 (X,Y,Z measuring capacity)


Sol Manual Measuring System

In 2010, Micro-Vu re-introduced a new manual measuring system to help bridge the gap between the automated multi-sensor centers and traditional manual systems. The new systems included the same software package, lighting capabilities, non-linear compensation, and part program compatibility as the Vertex and Excel models. With the new machine, operators have the ability to write an inspection program and then have the machine visually direct them to the next measurement point.


  • 6.5:1 and 12:1 zoom ratio options
  • 3 LED light sources (Profile, Surface Ringlight & Coaxial)
  • Capable of program sharing with automated machines
  • Sizing options of 6x6x6 or 12x12x6 


Spectra Optical Comparator Series

The affordable precision comparator includes a 14" capacity with bench or floor model sizes, rotatable glass screens, high intensity colimated profile lighting, Thru the lens surface illumination, Optional Edge detector, Q16 or InSpec software options, 10x to 100x quick change lenses and High Resolution Linear Encoders (0.00008").


Micro-Vu Sample Videos



Plastic Industry



Medical Industry



3D Sample Part



Example Inspec Program






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  1. Micro-Vu Excel 664 (27"X26"X16'')

    Micro-Vu Excel 664 (27"X26"X16'')


    Out of stock

    Excel 664 systems are also commonly used with multiples of smaller parts nested in a fixture. Operators load parts and start a measurement program. The machines can run for hours while operators work on other inspection and quality tasks. Learn More
  2. Micro-Vu Manual Matrix 24"x18"x6" Video Comparator (Black)

    Micro-Vu Manual Matrix 24"x18"x6" Video Comparator (Black)


    Out of stock

    Manual Measuring System w/ Q16 Full Geometric DRO

    Q16 Full Geometric DRO

    High Resolution Color Video

    2 micron resolution on X & Y scales

    Learn More
  3. Micro-Vu Automated Excel 1052UC (42"x42"x10")

    Micro-Vu Automated Excel 1052UC (42"x42"x10")


    Fully Automated Measuring System

    3 Year Old Machine from Clean Room / Quality Lab

    High Accuracy 0.1μm scales

    Automated Zoom Lens (15-540X Magnification)

    Retails New @ $84,000.00

    Learn More

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