GD&T Fundamentals 2 Day Course - Indianapolis, IN - March 2023

March 22, 2023, 8:30 AM
March 23, 2023, 3:30 PM


Address: TBD


Organizer Name: Assurance Technologies, Inc
Phone No: 630-670-7508


Indianapolis, IN

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GD&T Fundamentals 2 Day Course - Indianapolis, IN - March 2023

Assurance Technologies GD&T Fundamentals 2 Day Course

Indianapolis, IN - March 2023

March 22nd & 23rd


ASME Y14.5 Standard is considered the established guideline for design of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Understanding, communicating, applying to drawings, and measuring these dimensions is critical to the engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance of your products. Which promotes success of your team. Building confidence in your knowledge and skills surrounding GD&T will further your team’s abilities and strengthen your relationships with customers and suppliers.

Over this 2 day fundamentals course each attendee will work through various excercises in the GeoTol Pro 2020 Workbook to gain the confidence in GD&T. 

GD&T Fundamentals Course Overview:

  • Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
    • General Overview
    • Geometric characteristic symbols
    • Rules, terms and definitions
    • Introduction to measurement principles, open set-up and CMM
  • Limits of Size
    • Rule #1, size controls form
    • Features with & without size
    • Problems with plus/minus tolerancing
  • How the Geometric System Works
    • Intro to datum reference frame
    • Basic Dimensions
    • Introduction to position tolerancing
    • MMC, LMC, RFS material condition modifiers
    • Introduction to profile tolerancing
  • The Datum Reference Frame
    • Datums, datum features, true geometric counterparts
    • Holes, slots, shafts, widths as datum features
    • Connection between the theory and physical
    • Constraining the 6 degress of freedom
    • Creating a complete datum reference frame
  • Orientation Tolerances
    • Parallelism
    • Perpendicularity
    • Angularity
    • The hierarchy of tolerances: location, orientation, form
  • Form Tolerances
    • Straightness
    • Circularity
    • Cylindricity
    • Flatness
  • Runout
    • Circular Runout
    • Total Runout
  • Profile