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From Our Customers in Illinois


Tom is always Great! (Service and Calibration on Starrett Optical Comparator, Surface Plates, Kodak Optical Comparator, MTI Optical Comparator and Measuring Microscope)
Loves Park, Illinois


Our ATI Service Technician did an excellent job explaining everything when I asked him questions about some of the equipment we have. Just to see if he knew his stuff and he did! (Service and Calibration on Wilson Hardness Testers, Starrett Surface Plates, Heights Gages and Micrometers)
Batavia, Illinois


We needed a part for our MicroVu Optical Comparator and it was GREAT that our ATI Technician had it with him! (Service Calibration & Repair on MicroVu) from Linda at Marian Good Job Communicating! Tom made sure all calibrations were accounted for and all repairs were completed. (Service and Calibration on Optical Comparators, Hardness Testers, Microscopes)
Freeport, Illinois


Tom is very helpful and informative. A pleasure to work with! (Service and Calibration on MicroVu and Nikon)
Freeport, Illinois


As always HELLUVA Job! Tom is the only one who can fix a Helmel! (Service and Calibration on Helmel CMM)
Elgin, Illinois


Tom was very knowledgeable and helpful, GREAT Service overall! (Service and Calibration on MicroVu, Mettler, Extech)
Schaumburg, Illinois


Jim does a GREAT Job everytime! (Service and Calibration on Mitutoyo, Magnaflux, and Sony)
Itasca, Illinois

ATI always helps me out when I need something calibrated in short notice. (Service & Calibration on our Sony indicator, Mitutoyo optical comparator and Astral surface plates.)


Schaumburg, Illinois


Technician was very professional. (Service & Calibration on S.T. optical comparator.)

I greatly appreciate the service and support I receive from everyone on your staff.  (Service & Calibration on our Rock of Ages surface plates, MicroVu optical comparator and Nikon optical devise.)

I am new to the calibration business but I have already worked with ATI several times and have been impressed with their service.  (Service & Calibration of Deltronic pin gages, Vermont gages and Agmaco plug gages.)

Assurance Technologies has always been very helpful and responsive to our needs.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new home for their calibration needs. (Service & Calibration of Mitutoyo gage blocks, Armstrong torque gage and Mitutoyo micrometer.)


Carol Stream, Illinois


Unexpectedly quick Service! Excellent! Thank You (Emergency Service on MicroVu)
Naperville, Illinois


GOOD JOB! (Service and Calibration on MicroVu)
Chicago, Illinois


Tom was Very Helpful and kept me informed. Great Technician! (Service and Calibration on MicroVu)
Belvidere, Illinois


Tom is a Very Good  Technician! He explains things very well at a level I can understand. You can tell that he really enjoys his work. (Service and Calibration on MicroVu)
West Chicago, Illinois


ATI support & services have been excellent! I have recommended your company to several of our suppliers. (Service and Calibration on Newage Hardness Tester and MicroVu)
West Chicago, Illinois


Tom is the Best Service Technician you have ever had! (Service and Calibration on Starrett, Astral and Trustone)
Hanover Park, Illinois


Service Engineer was early which is always a good thing! He was efficient and did a great job! (Service and Calibration on J&L, MTI, Scherr-Tumico, Federal)
Rock Falls, Illinois


Everything was Perfect (Service and Calibration on Rockwell Hardness Tester)
Sycamore, Illinois


He Did an Excellent job! (Service and Calibration on MicroVu, Ames, MTI, Aerospace and Salter Equipment)
Cicero, Illinois


We really appreciate the responsiveness by all at ATI in keeping us up & running with a quality piece of equipment! (Service and Calibration on MicroVu)
Batavia, Illinois


Thank You! (Service and Calibration on MicroVu)
Urbana, Illinois


Service Engineer was most helpful and accommodating! (Service and Calibration on MicroVu) from Donna at Quest in WI I wish all my Vendors were this efficient (Service and Calibration on MicroVu)
Cary, Illinois


We were VERY Satisfied with the Service! (Service and Calibration on Nikon and Mitutoyo)
St. Charles, Illinois

Thank you for always getting to us in a timely fashion. (Service and Calibration on Laser Mike micrometer and Scherr-Tumico optical comparator.)


Lake Zurich, Illinois



We have found that all the agents of ATI are efficient in job performance and are skilled in providing good customer service. (Service and Calibration of Micro Vu Spectra, Chatillon force gage, Imada digital force gage and Sartorius scale.)

We have received excellent service from Assurance Technologies.  We are looking forward to many more years of great service. (Service and Calibration of our Ram video comparator.)


Glendale Hts. Illinois




We are very happy with your services and would highly recommend. (Service and Calibration of our Micro Vu video grid.)


Bolingbrook, Illinois.


Tom is always pleasant whenever I speak with him.  He takes the time to thoroughly explain the issue in detail and offer multiple resolution scenarios. (Service and Calibration of our USG pressure gage, Newage hardness tester and Fowler height gage.)


West Chicago, Illinois


Great response time for a critical piece of equipment. (Service and Calibration of our Micro Vu Excel.)


Carol Stream, Illinois


It is always a pleasure to have Tom to come in and provide EXCELLENT customer service in addition to technical service. (Service and Calibration of our Newage durometer.)


Aurora, Illinois


As usual we couldn’t ask for better service. (Service and Calibration of Micro Vu matrix.)

GREAT JOB! Very Courteous! (Installation of MicroVu)
Chicago, Illinois


Bart is very informative.  He gave me more need to know information on our equipment than our past calibration service company did, by far.  I am glad to have someone here who has as much concern as we do with our equipment.  Very satisfied with switching all of our equipment over to ATI with confidence. (Service and Calibration of Omron

oven, Micro Vu optical comparator and Wilson hardness tester.)


Lake Zurich, Illinois


Great service.  Great job. (Service and Calibration of Magnaflux magnetic particle inspection machine, Newage hardness tester.)


Elk Grove Village, Illinois


We were in a bind due to an upcoming audit. ATI got us done QUICKLY! Thanks! (Service and Calibration on Mitutoyo, J&L, Starrett, Challenge, Brown and Sharpe)
Northbrook, Illinois


GREAT JOB from Service Technician! (Service and Calibration on Nikon)
Burlington, Illinois


Very Good Job! Service Technician went out of his way to help us! Thanks! (Service and Calibration on Mitutoyo, Wilson, Baty, Deltronic, Nikon, Scherr-Tumico, J&L)
Carol Stream, Illinois

Bart is a very good service rep and does excellent work.  He knows the equipment and explains everything very well. (Service and Calibration of Laser Mike micrometer and Micro Vu vector.)


Round Lake, Illinois


Very pleased with the time and performance on what the service was provided. (Service and Calibration of Micro Vu vertex.)


Arlington Hts., Illinois.


Good all around Service! (Service and Calibration on Nikon, Scherr-Tumico, Mitutoyo, XLO, OGP, Leitz, MicroVu, Starrett)
Loves Park, Illinois


We are pleased with the Service ATI provides! (Service and Calibration on Kodak)
Marengo, Illinois


The Service Technician was timely and did a GREAT job with our equipment and explained any issues with us. Thanks! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu, Masterview, and Wilson Hardness Testers)
Chicago, Illinois


This was the first time I met Jim, very professional and all around Good Guy! Thank You! (Service on Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment) from Jim at Thyssen Krup in WI Thanks for your prompt service on our Vision System!
Wood Dale, Illinois


Everything was Excellent as Usual! (Service and Calibration on Deltronic, Nikon, Gagemaster, J&L, and Mitutoyo)
Itasca, Illinois


Excellent service engineer who called to remind me that service was due. I had forgotten all about it! (Service and Calibration of Starrett and Magnaflux)
St. Charles, Illinois


Helluva Job! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu and Mitutoyo)
Elgin, Illinois


Great Technician! Showed me short cuts I didn't know about! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Plainfield, Illinois


Excellent! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Willowbrook, Illinois


We are Pleased with your Service! (Service and Calibration of Kodak and Hitachi)
Marengo, Illinois


Very Happy that ATI was able to fix our machine! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu, Nikon, Gagemaster, Wilson, Starrett)
Mt. Prospect, Illinois


Answered post calibration questions! Thanks! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Wheeling, Illinois


Service was VERY GOOD! (Service and Calibration of J&L)
Libertyville, Illinois


I know its a 12 on a scale of 1-10, I'm THAT happy with the Service. (Service and Calibration of Nikon, Sony, Mitutoyo, Fowler, Tesa, Faro and Starrett)
Carpentersville, Illinois

Bart is very courteous and knowledgeable technician, a pleasure to work with.


Gilberts, Illinois



I will continue to use ATI for all of my Calibration needs! (Service and calibration on MicroVu and Nikon)
Freeport, Illinois


From Our Customers in Indiana


Service Technician rearranged his schedule to accomodate us! Thanks ATI! (Service and Calibration of Nikon, Buehler, Zeiss, and Olympus)
Indianapolis, Indiana


Everyone was EXTREMELY HELPFUL, Service was beyond our expectations! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu, Starrett and Trustone)
South Bend, Indiana


Training was Very GOOD! Answered all of our questions! (Training and Calibration of MicroVu)
Kokomo, Indiana


Very Responsive! Thanks for the quick service! (Service and Calibration of Mitutoyo, Starrett, Deltronic and Vision)
Crown Point, Indiana


Thanks for the prompt service! Service Technician was very professional! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Mishawaka, Indiana


Very Pleased with Timeliness of Service! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Goshen, Indiana


From Our Customers in Wisconsin &  Michigan


My equipment is in good hands with ATI! Very good support and follow-up! (Service and Calibration of Microvu and Nikon)
Waukesha, Wisconsin


Keep up the Great Service! (Service and Calibration of Starrett, Fowler, Mitutoyo, Rockwell, and Magnaflux)
Newberry, Michigan


Worked with everyone well when questions were asked! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu, Starrett, Mitutoyo)
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


Jeff is a pleasure to have do our Service! Everyone I have contacted at ATI has always been very knowledgeable and courteous. Always a GREAT experience to work with ATI! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Great service, friendly, unintrusive and helpful.


Sturtevant, Wisconsin



Service Technician did a GREAT JOB! Returns my calls and follows up. (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Very Pleased with Service! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Oregon, Wisconsin


After training I asked the Service Technician to underline the main steps in order to create a work instruction. He was very helpful! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu and Nikon)
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin


All was GREAT! Very Professional! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Trevor, Wisconsin


ATI is our choice for Service and Calibration! (Service and Calibration of Nikon, Mitutoyo, PhaseII, Scherr-Tumico, and Tesa)
Genoa City, Wisconsin


From Our Customers in Missouri


Excellent Job! One Service Technician to do our CMM and our MicroVu! (Service and Calibration of Sheffield Coordinate Measuring Machine and MicroVu)
Warrensburg, Missouri


Prompt & Competent Service! How Refreshing! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu and OGP)
Collins, Missouri


A very efficient installation! Even had training the same day! (Installation and Calibration of MicroVu)
St. Louis, Missouri


ATI's Service Department Goes Above and Beyond! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
St. Peters, Missouri


Service Technician was extremely prepared and even carried replacement parts! How nice to not have to wait weeks for parts. (Service and Calibration of Microvu)
Maryland Heights, Missouri


ATI did a GREAT job at keeping things organized and moving forward! Job Well Done! (Calibration and Training on MicroVu)
Manchester, Missouri


From Our Customers in Iowa


Service Technician very knowledgeable and thorough! (Service and Calibration of Nikon, Leco, and Buehler)
Cedar Falls, Iowa


Machine Down! Was able to get immediate service! We were up and running right away! (Service and Calibration of MircoVu)
Iowa City, Iowa


ATI has an excellent staff! Very good Communication! (Service and Calibration of Newage)
Waterloo, Iowa


Great Job! Excellent Service! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Clinton, Iowa


Service Technician was very helpful and wonderful to work with! (Service and Calibration of MicroVu)
Oskaloosa, Iowa