Contract Metrology Services

As a long-standing Metrology equipment distributer ATI has always invested in the equipment and technology we offer as solutions to our manufacturing customers. Our metrology services team provides customers with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited dimensional inspection, material testing, GD&T analysis, metrology training, reverse engineering, and consulting. The ATI training team offers on-site training, conducts monthly seminars in our training center and can customize a session to your needs. The engineering group has full Solidworks licensing for fixture design, reverse engineering, and support in consultation projects.


Dimensional Inspection

The equipment in our lab/showroom is not just for show. Our metrology team puts it to work every day to inspect parts for other companies. Whether you need help completing FAI’s, PPAP’s, CPK’s, or just need to relieve an overloaded Quality Department, ATI can help make things go smoothly. Just send us a print, how many samples you would like inspected and we’ll provide a competitive quote to get the data you need. Even if you only need certain dimensions checked, we can provide partial inspection reports.

Our lab is equipped with both contact, and non-contact measurement machines that can measure even the most complicated part, with or without a CAD model. We also have the necessary equipment on-site to cut (or section) parts to inspect complex internal features. Once all of the data is collected by our skilled metrologists, a detailed report is generated with the results and the equipment we used. If needed, we will also number your print to make the data easier to review.

Contract Programming

May it be project size, time restraints, difficult part/prints, gap in staffing or simply avoiding potential roadblocks or bottlenecks, ATI is here to assist with any CMM or Vision System part programming you are in need of. Having an expert programmer speed up the process of programming and successfully handing it off to your quality team to run with ease will not keep inspections running smoothly but increase productivity.

ATI’s Metrologists have been involved with customer’s projects ranging from one-piece semi-automated programming to multi-part and multi-sensor programming running on multiple machines across 3 shifts. We can formulate a resource and delivery schedule to your needs.


Custom Fixturing

This is your solution to decrease downtime on any machine for high volume products or those odd parts normal posts and clamps won’t be able to handle. ATI has in-house design and machining capabilities to turn custom fixturing around in a short period of time. Ranging from pocket fixtures to moving clamps and vacuums; we can make it as simple as you like or as extreme as you need. Our metrology team have had their hands in every major industry out there and know what to expect when it comes to making a fixture that works for everyone. Gage R&Rs can be completed prior to delivery upon request.

It doesn’t stop at fixturing either! We have done custom Go/ NoGo gaging as well if by chance you don’t have a CMM in house.

Reverse Engineering

Utilizing both Vision and CMM capabilities our engineering team can grab numerous orientation views, setup a point cloud or CAD export and deliver engineering teams with an accurate CAD model. Our equipment is equipped with TP-20 touch trigger, SP-25 Scanning, Line Laser Scanner and W-Axis Rotary.


Material Testing

Along with verifying dimensional values, ATI can also test mechanical properties. We are capable of testing material hardness in a variety of scales, along with tensile and torque testing. We can also evaluate the coefficient of friction on the surface of materials using our custom test apparatus. All equipment is NIST traceable and certified.

Quality Consultation

Quality consultation gets you and your customers on the same page right away instead of the back and forth he said, she said, scenarios. The ATI Metrology Team is well versed in GD&T, and blueprint reading. So, anything in the scope from a new print that you may not know how to dimension properly, all the way up to something that’s over engineered, ATI can assist is helping break down and understand what is actually needed or wanted from a print.

If you’re also struggling to figure out which piece of equipment will best suit your needs, contact us today. This helps you and your customer in the long run to compare apples to apples, rather than CMMs to calipers.


General Inquiries

Have a project, inspection, or random task that doesn’t fall into one of these categories? Contact us today and let us help you get the information or services you need!