Quality Policy


The Quality Policy of Assurance Technologies is to achieve Truth in Calibration, by providing our customers with the most accurate, meaningful and unbiased calibrations possible. We will endeavor, through our Quality Program and the guidance of ISO/IEC 17025, to constantly improve in consistency, knowledge and expertise.

We are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation. PJLA Accreditation Number: 59361 www.pjlabs.com

Why Accredited Calibrations are Important:

Accreditation insures confidence in the Quality Systems being used by the laboratory. Calibration Laboratories accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 undergo rigorous yearly assessments by independent Accrediting Body auditors. This assessment process validates the methods, standards, and technician competency levels are appropriate for the calibrations being performed.

All standards retain their own calibration traceability to N.I.S.T. Environmental conditions are recorded at the time of calibration. Calibration certificates will calculate the uncertainty of each measurement based on the standards being used. This is an important factor in determining the true pass/fail compliance of gages.

Confidence in Calibration:

  • Methods – Latest Available
  • Standards - Equipment calibration traceability to NIST
  • Technician Competency – Technicians are continuously trained and independently reviewed
  • Environmental Conditions – Laboratory or on-site temperature and humidity recorded
  • Uncertainty of Measurement – The uncertainty of each test point is calculated

ISO/IEC 17025 also guarantees all the same Quality Management Systems of ISO 9001 such as Document Control, Management Review, Internal auditing and Corrective Action Response. ISO/IEC 17025 has been found to meet or exceed the ISO 9001 standard by a joint IAF ILAC ISO committee.

Link ILAC Doc: