Pre-Owned Newage - MT91


Pre-Owned Newage MT-91 Demo System with brand new Windows 10 PC. Used at distributors testing facility with no production type testing done on it over the last 3 years.

The Newage® MT91 System is an automatic microhardness testing system that uses the Rockwell method for the hardness result. Hardness is measured based on the depth of penetration rather than using an optical system to determine hardness based on the impression diameter. The main advantages of the MT91 Series are its very fast test cycle coupled with its incredible test accuracy. No traditional microhardness testers can come close to matching the MT91 in speed or accuracy, since no manual interpretation of the impression is required. Entire case depth analysis can be made in a few minutes – an individual test cycle is just six seconds. What used to take hours now takes only minutes – making the MT91 perfect for high-volume applications.


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Rockwell principle machine using micro-hardness loads for speed and accuracy. As fas as 6-seconds per test and unlike traditional micro-vickers or knoop, only a 400 grit polish is required because it's measuring with depth of penetration. 



Straight and staggered traverses available.

Operators can easily create traverses in a simple straight line or more complicated staggered patterns. Each data point can have a tolerance applied. Traverses can be designed to move in ether inch or millimeter steps to fit your specifications. Once a traverse
is created all settings are maintained so subsequent measurements are all made with the same test settings; ensuring accurate, repeatable results.

Graphics pattern measurements
Traverses can be created that measure test locations in any pattern desired on the test sample. This pattern can be rotated to correspond with the next sample even it is not placed in the self-leveling vise in the same orientation.

Multiple traverse mode
Operators may set up a second, third or additional traverse allowing multiple traverses to be performed. Up to 24 traverses may be configured as part of one procedure. The operator may also select a specific traverse within a multiple traverse procedure.



Case depth analysis
Case depth analysis is also considerably easier using the MT91 System. Operators can easily and quickly set up complicated staggered traverse procedures with the graphical setup utility. The MT91 will then perform the traverse routine to accurately and repeatedly measure the case depth on the sample. The tester can perform a traverse so fast that it can be used for process control. The operator starts with a pointand-shoot procedure and the MT91 does the rest.
Setting up multiple specimens is a simple point-andshoot task – locate the starting point and the traverse direction on each sample and start the test. Up to 24 traverses can be setup as part of a single procedure.


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