DCC Aberlink Axiom CMM (640 x 600 x 500mm (25 x 24 x 20) in.)

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3 Year Old DCC CMM with Air Dryer Included

Used in a Temperature Controlled QC Lab

Accuracy: B89: 0.008/300mm VDI(U3): 0.0029 + L/250

Aberlink 3D CMM Software Package

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Machine Details

Year Built July 2011
Accuracy Statement B89: 0.008/300mm VDI(U3): 0.0029 + L/250
Air Bearings, Aluminum frame and Solid Granite table  
MH20i Indexable Probe Head INCLUDED
TP20 Standard Force Module INCLUDED
Vision Camera Attachment for Non-Contact Measurement or Image Capturing INCLUDED
 Reflective Light Plate for Vision Profile Lighting INCLUDED
Aberlink 3D DCC CMM Software INCLUDED
Air Dryer & Filter INCLUDED

Upgrade to: CMM Manager DCC CMM CAD Software

(w/ DXF, IGES & STEP Importing)

 + $  8,900


Terms: C.O.D.

Delivery: 1 WEEK 

Warranty: 60 Days 


Available Options

Stylii Accessories

Fixlogix, TE-CO or Rayco Fixture Kits

Full Day Training Classes




Installation/ ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 Calibration

Delivery, Installation and Calibration

(within 100 miles of ATI)

 $          2,500.00
8 hours of Training  $          1,000.00
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