Used ST 20-200 Optical Comparator

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ST 20-200 (Part #D5904)

14" Glass Screen (1 Quad of Radii & Angles)

10x Lens


Machine Details

Bench Top Model w/ Stand & Locking Cabinet

14" Glass Screen (1 Quad of Radii & Angles)

6" x 3" Measuring Capacity

.0005" Resolution Digital Scales on X & Y

10x Lens

Q16 Full Geometric DRO

Chart Clips for Overlays

5 min Vernier Protractor

30 Day Warranty




Available Options
Additional Magnification Lenses
Other Pattern Screens
Rotary Vise
V-Blocks & Centers
Risers for V-Blocks
Vertical Fixture
 Helix Fixture (for threads)

ISO 17025 Installation & Calibration Option:  $250.00

(Delivery, Setup, Calibrate within 60 mi radius of ATI)

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