Micro-Vu Manual Matrix 24"x18"x6" Video Comparator (Black)

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Manual Measuring System w/ Q16 Full Geometric DRO

Q16 Full Geometric DRO

High Resolution Color Video

2 micron resolution on X & Y scales

Machine Details

Freestanding / Floor Model

Q16 Full Geometric DRO

24"x18"x6" Measuring Capacity

2µm Resolution X & Y  Linear Scales

6.5:1 Manual Zoom Lens (15X-100X Magnification)

High Intensity Profile & Surface Lighting

Video Crosshair generator

30 Day Warranty




Available Options
Stage Square ( Quickly Align Parts for Measurement)
Digital Image Capture Software
2µm Z Linear Scale (For Measuring Z Heights)
2X Multiplier Lens (300X Magnification) Auto Edge Detection
0.5X Reducer Lens (7.5X Magnification) 
Custom SPC Software


Delivery, Installation, ISO 17025 Calibration & 4 Hours of Training:  $1,100.00

(within 60 mi radius of ATI, further Distances can be quoted)

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