Used Micro-Vu Sol 161 6x6x6"

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Quick Overview

*6.5:1 Mechanical Zoom Lens

*6 x 6 x 6" Stage Capacity
*0.1 micron scales
*1X lens configuration 
*Standard White LED Ring Light
*Dell Windows 10 PC (Used)
*New 22" Flatscreen Monitor
*Inspec Software V2.96 (can upgrade to 2.97)
*Installation/Calibration (travel quoted separate based on location)

This Micro-Vu Sol is the current generation of their bench top manual systems. The system includes the full InSpec software package, ability to save programs with zoom/light settings and datum structures. The system also allows for recalling of programs with prompts for datum alignment and syncing of saved inspection features once datums are measured. The software package helps eliminate operator to operator error, guess work of in/out focus and use of the edge detection tools allows for consistent edge to edge referencing for measurement calculations. 

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